Mission Statement

SIRP is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization dedicated to the promotion of knowledge about Sudan and South Sudan. SIRP seeks to provide a platform for scholars (especially Sudanese) concerned with the provision of accurate, well-researched, independent materials to contribute to the development of The Sudan and the Sudanese peoples in a broad sense. SIRP has no sect or political party affiliations, and aims to accommodate different intellectual perspectives through dialogue and collaboration with other individuals and organizations with similar concerns and purposes.

SIRP's vision is to create a large and expanding reservoir of factual, multi-sided knowledge about The Sudan, its peoples, places, and future based on the specific historical and cultural experiences and aspirations of ALL of its peoples. This vision is firmly grounded in the belief in a democratic, non-theocratic, culturally and economically inclusive Sudan.

SIRP hopes to be a credible voice of independent research, policy analysis and thinking on The Sudan. Through its body of work, SIRP serves as a source of constructive dialogue and a catalyst for positive change in a new Sudan, and offers a diverse Sudanese voice in public discourse in North America on current issues concerning The Sudan.